*This race is held in the spirit of fun and personal empowerment. There will be official timing chips from GingerbreadMan Running Company, however, athletes are free to scale each station to their individual fitness level or skip a station entirely if needed. Scaling options will be posted for each station.*

Station 1 - Jim Mayer Trail

3 Rounds: 
  • 10 Mountain Climbers

  • 10 Plate Bench Press

  • 10 Plate Overhead Press 

  • 5 Bench Hop Overs

*Reps can be partitioned however athletes choose but must complete all. 

Station 2 - Sandyvale Memorial Gardens

500m Row 


  • 25 Push Ups

  • Burpee Broad Jumps (50ft)

  • 25 Push Ups 

Station 3 - Johnstown Central Park

“Four Corners” 

Grab a kettlebell (KB) from the Gazebo and do the prescribed work at each corner of the park. Be sure to carry your KB with you corner to corner. 

Corner 1: 10 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 

Corner 2: 20 KB Shoulder to Overhead (10 each shoulder)

Corner 3: 10 Alternating KB Goblet Squats (10 each leg)

Corner 4: 10 KB Swings


Station 4 - Sargent's Stadium at the Point

  • Shuttle Run w/Medball

  • 50 Sit Ups 

  • Jump Rope: 50 Double Unders or 100 Singles 

Station 5 - Johnstown Inclined Plane (Lower Bridge)

  • 15 Box Jumps/Step Ups (24″/20″)

  • 50ft Single Dumbbell (DB) Overhead Carry (Down)

  • 30 Russian Twists (w/DB)

  • 50ft Single Dumbbell (DB) Overhead Carry (Back)


Station 6 - Point Park

Bucket O’ Rocks Carry (50 meters) *Athletes will have 10 seconds to memorize a short saying that they will pick out of a bucket and must recite the saying upon return. If the athlete fails to do so they must take another lap. 

Station 7 - CrossFit Excursion

  • Ascending/Descending Monkey Bars (One Time) OR 15 Strict Pull Ups 

  • 4 Wall Walks